Arguably one of the best Oromo civic organizations had a prolific 50th anniversary celebration this past week on August 1, 2014 in Washington DC. One might wonder why would such an incredible organization hold its half-century celebration in the Diaspora rather than in Oromia? The answer is simple both the former and current regimes have effectively banned all things Macha-Tulama in a failed effort to suppress an organization built to awaken the hearts and minds of all Oromo’s.

Before going further a short background into Macha-Tulama Association.

Macha-Tulama was formed in 1963 as a social movement to awaken all Oromo’s. As a civic organization it played a critical role in organizing mass meetings to instill a sense of pride in being Oromo and hope for a brighter future for all Oromo’s who were systemically being oppressed. The bravery of the organizations leadership and rapid appeal to the larger Oromo population quickly rattled the Haile Selassie regime to ban the organization just four years after its inception. However, the organization continued to gain momentum and out-lived the Haile Selassie regime only to be banned once again by the current TPLF regime. Although, the current regime continues to profess its democratic system (lip service) it has actively participated in the mass arrest of the leadership and anyone associated with the Organization in hopes of dismantling a truly democratic and civic organization built on the hopes of raising awareness among Oromo’s and their dire condition. It was built to effectively seek a better future and have a stake in the land and economic resources that continues to be extracted without due benefit to any and all Oromo’s.

Fast forward to the present day the Macha-Tulama Association continues to be a voice in the Diaspora because of its status as a banned organization. Unfortunately, it was forced to celebrate the milestone 50th anniversary outside of the land that belongs to Oromo’s. Despite the current predicament all Oromo’s should be proud of and continue to support this incredible organization built by heroes and heroines that include the likes of Alemu Kittessa, Mariam Gamada, Tadesse Birru, Baqala Nadhi, Qadida Gurmessa, Baro Tumsa, Tesema Negeri, Haji Robale Ture, Dawit Abdi, Dajamach Kebede Buzenesh, Dr. Moga Firrisa, and many more. The organization was built upon the extraordinary sacrifices of the aforementioned leaders and many others who actively pushed for the betterment of all Oromo’s and in doing so captivated the hearts and minds of a disenfranchised population. Their initiation of the organization and subsequent contribution to the Oromo cause cannot be taken lightly. We are forever indebted to their incredible leadership! As members of the Diaspora community we should be proud of their achievements and continue to support an organization built for the advancement of the Oromo cause.

In the recent 50th anniversary Ayantu Tibeso delivered an eloquent speech highlighting the achievements of this Organization and the past and present conditions of Oromo’s across Ethiopia. It is encouraging to see a young and dynamic leader pay tribute to the achievements of the Organization and its leadership. As members of the Diaspora community we ought to support rising leaders like Ms. Tibeso.

To watch the entire speech please click on the video below.

VIDEO: Courtesy of Dr. GOOGLE SHOW