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OromoTV is an independent online media outlet serving the Horn of African region and it’s Diaspora. OromoTV is also a source of vast information through visually recorded information about the Horn of Africa’s largest nation, Oromia. The Oromo nation constitutes close to 50% of the peoples in Ethiopia. We believe a population that constitutes roughly 50 million people can no longer be marginalized and continue to suffer under past, current or future regimes. Thus, the creators of this site believe the best way to disseminate informative content to the Oromo community and Africa in general is by ensuring information is widely available. As a result our core purpose of OromoTV is to bridge the digital divide and bring written news content with independent video based news to the forefront of East African communities throughout the world. While we understand this is not an easy task we strive to insure up to date information is widely distributed to all seeking informative news.We take pride in carrying the Oromo name and believe that this group has suffered for centuries under brutal regimes in Ethiopia. Therefore, we want to ensure the world is knowledgeable not only about the untold atrocities, but also the pride that resonates deep within the Oromo community for their contribution to a well documented indigenous and democratic form of governance (Gadaa System) which continues to be practiced to this day.Although, our goal is to seek highly informative content from a variety of sources and put it on a single ( site, we strive to ensure our content is fair, balanced, and accurate. We welcome suggestions from visitors of this site and look forward to starting a dialogue that addresses the concerns of the East African community.

OromoTV is dedicated to bridging digital divide and bringing together Oromo’s from all over the world with a FREE, FAIR, ACCURATE and INFORMATIVE site