Details of the new US sanctions against Ethiopia and Eritrea


Details of the new US sanctions against Ethiopia and Eritrea

Source: Pledge Times, September 16, 2021

Tigray Ethiopia

A senior administration official said the Biden administration maintains there is no military solution to the conflict and is committed to helping end the humanitarian crisis in Tigray.

The official added that President Biden will order the imposition of new sanctions because he is not optimistic about the situation on the ground, despite the great international move to urge the parties to end the crisis.

The official explained that due to the obstacles placed by the conflicting parties, only less than ten percent of humanitarian aid reached Tigray.

The official said that the situation is developing badly in light of the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s efforts to exploit the military victory before taking the oath for a second term, and the massive penetration of Eritrean forces into the Tigray region, adding that he hopes that the results of the sanctions will be to push for an end to the military escalation and start a process Politics from both sides, the Ethiopian and the Eritrean.

The US official added that there is continuous agreement and coordination with European partners, but it is difficult for the European Union countries to move with the same speed as the United States and issue similar sanctions, but he hopes that they will take the same steps.

The official also confirmed the US administration’s communication with the leaders of the African Union to push the two sides to stop the military escalation, especially the Ethiopian Prime Minister.

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